So which other girls from previous Gens caught your senses?

Sabrina on Gen I

Whitney on II

Flannery on III

Candice on IV

Skyla obviously on V

Ever wonder if a Pokemon girl from X and Y can do paizuri?

Sincerely Gen VI has no girl which tingles my paizuri senses, when in previous Gens (Mainly Fuuro/Skyla of course) there’s atleast one.

Hello, I read your recent post about questions of request and ideas and wanted to say sorry for all the questions on dA. I thought I annoyed you with my questions there. I like to say sorry about them.

I barely answer stuff, from asks to DA notes, because i don’t have really nothing to say besides “thanks” or i really can’t give a decent answer. I read and think about any feedback, requests, and whatnot i get.

Is a common problem in any website with some social features. So if i don’t answer asks like these please don’t take it as if i’m ignoring you or bothering me. I like to receive messages about my work, both SFW and NSFW.

Something to mention: If you sent me an ask with a request or idea and i don’t answer, probably i am saving it for when i get the mood to draw it and screencap it like i did here.

Don’t get it wrong and think i’m ignoring them. This way i have them stored for remember about them and/or in case i have nothing else to work with. There’s some i really want to get into.

Hello I was wondering if I can draw one of your OCs as a gift to you? Also, if you do accept, could I give further details to you on notes? PS- Hope I'm not bothering you or anything

Everybody is free to draw my OCs, porn or not.

Forbidden Golden (And follow-up doodles)

Done in 07/04/2014

Xífos Monomáchou
Done in 24/03/2014

Xífos Monomáchou

Done in 24/03/2014

Magical Trump

Done in 17/03/2014

Third Person Bikini (Fuurozuri 30)

Done in 02/03/2014


Done in 24/02/2014