I will say it now in case i forget or something.

On August (or a bit earlier) i will be on drawing hiatus for wrists’ sake. Despite hand exercises and braces, the fact i will never just stop the drawing process on a sketch is starting to show.

I might make some random doodles and whatnot but yeah until September i won’t be doing the usual. If i get used to upload sketches i might take it easier with my personal quality control.


I made a Patreon account And i don’t like the link posting of this site so

Basically you can give $1+ each month for support me. As both gratitude and reward, i will take requests with no exceptions* from supporters (I barely take requests for free so). Overall you are giving a few bucks each month for commissions.

*That excludes offensive art (racism, homophobia, etc)

Although i am more open with requests here, i mainly go towards paizuri and a few other themes. This way you can go wild and wilder about what you want.

Fertility Ritual

Done in (20/07/2014)

Tsundere Quest

Done in 11/07/2014

Would you mind someone asking you bout their OCs? Just curious.

Yeah is the same as any request/suggestions i get in here. If i like it i will pile them with the rest and once i am in the mood i will reply-screenshot with the drawing.

Do people ask you about their OCs?

No that i remember. Most OCs i’ve drawn lewds about are gifts or commissions

Goddess of Light - Epilogue

Done in 17/06/2014

Global Paizuri Terminal (Fuurozuri 31)

Done in 13/06/2014

Extra Option

Done in 02/06/2014

Character by Jcdr (Vilcurio)

Based on/Continuation of this drawing

Super Secret Shinobi Growth Techinque - Part 1 - Part 2 Part 3 - Part 4


Done in 26/05/2014